School Daze

The next time somebody is thinking about inventing a new drug, they need to call up **Jacqueline…

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Video 3/13/2014 15

Maripol & Thalia Mavros Make It 'Tuesday'

When photographer and fashion icon Maripol recently released a collection of personal polaroids...

Video 3/6/2014 Maya_still_2

MAYa: We Shall Not Disappear, Directed by Sebastian Mlynarski

Musician Maya Hardinge, A.K.A. MAYa, recently released the new music video for her song We Shall...

Milk Family 2/26/2014 Ftv-01


Director Lewis Meyer returns after Metatropic to debut F1LL TH3 V01D, a short film created from a...

Milk Made Exclusive

Get ready for Arcade Fire's Reflektor

Oct 15, 2013
If you’ve been paying attention, you might have noticed the symbols for Reflektor appearing around the internet, instagram and…
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City of the Sun in Union Square

Oct 8, 2013
I personally don’t get too distracted by street performers as I rush my way through the busy streets of New York City. I’m usually way too distracted by Instagram or how late I am to stop and smell…
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Tengu: God of Mischief Skates Again

Sep 7, 2013
Remember when we told you about that skater who was crazy enough to jump New York City subway tracks? Well, not…
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Made Fashion Week Is Here

Sep 3, 2013
MADE Fashion Week has once again descended upon us and we are so ready for everything that it’s about to bring. We’re ready for the smell of flat-ironed hair and nail polish to fill our…
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Around the World with Kilian Martin

Aug 28, 2013
Skateboarding is an art in its own right – especially if you have the finesse and keen creativity akin to Kilian Martin. The SoCal resident by way of Spain shatters boundaries and definitions…
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Maceo Paisley: "Vacation"

Aug 9, 2013
Rapper Maceo Paisley is nothing if not a good time. The flow of his lyrics and the sound of his voice are reminiscent of a younger Lupe Fiasco, back when Lupe spent more time rapping about…
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On Set: K.Flay's Milk Made Mixtape

Jul 24, 2013
We are currently on set shooting with rapper K.Flay in Los Angeles. To keep the right vibes going, we asked the young artist to throw together a playlist of music that she’s feeling at the…
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MADE hangout: Fashion & Technology

Jul 15, 2013
Last Friday, MADE Fashion Week introduced its first ever Fashion & Technology #MADEhangout to viewers. [**Ernesto…
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BRTHR Talks MS MR, Think of You

Jul 9, 2013
In anticipation of the latest music video for the MS MR track “Think of You,” we sat down with the directors, LEGS’ own…
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Shark Attack Sounds

Shark Attack Sounds: Wine Awesomeness

Jun 26, 2013
Here’s a stop motion commercial of a beautiful girl in a bikini hanging on to a bottle of Wattsup Rosé, the limited edition wine label created by our man Ben Watts and the team at **Wine…
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