Milk Gallery

Milk Gallery Presents 'The School of Fashion: 30 Parsons Designers'

Is there magic at the School of Fashion at Parsons? If anyone should know, it’d be Dean…

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art 3/26/2014 Ps_devngosha_086

Getting Down With devNgosha at TheAudience

Hosting a private art show inside the offices of a startup may seem like an odd combination to...

Milk Gallery 3/5/2014 0023-ip2c7961

Opening Night: Photographs 1984 – 2014 by Peter Arnell

Peter Arnell has been taking photographs for 30 years, and though his images have been featured...

Photography 3/5/2014 Heller_london_street_04

Portfolio: Balarama's Streets of London

After capturing Made Fashion Week with his distinctive eye for the unusual, Balarama Heller...

Sundance Film Festival

Microsoft's One Million Square Feet of Culture

Jan 20, 2014
During the first weekend of the Sundance Film Festival, La Blogothéque and Ken Miller joined forces with Microsoft to host their art-centric event series known as 1MSQFT . The…
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Texas Heat: The Photos of Harris Mizrahi

Jan 2, 2014
Growing up in Brooklyn, Harris Mizrahi was always a fan of the arts, and the gift of a DSLR camera eventually led him to Drexel University in Philadelphia were he is now a junior…
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The Work of Charlie Immer

Dec 26, 2013
The rainbow-colored oil paintings of artist Charlie Immer build an imaginary universe full of adorable melting monstrosities. In Immer’s made up world, where cute means terrifying, the artist…
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Kelsey Henderson's Dull the Will

Dec 11, 2013
Lichtenberg figures are fractally branching electric discharges that appear on the surface of insulating materials. They frequently appear on the skin of a victim of a lightning strike – a road…
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Coco Rocha: Oh So Techno

Dec 10, 2013
When Coco Rocha speaks, we drop everything and listen – especially when she’s talking about technology. The superstar model and, oh yeah, PC Mag tech editor, spoke to CNN International in…
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Art Basel

Art Basel: Basel Castle

Dec 9, 2013
After nearly a week of stuffing ourselves inside the countless closet-sized gallery spaces of Wynwood, the dimly lit Miami beach night clubs and the convention center-turned-rat-maze that is **Art…
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Capturing the Spirit of Madonna NYC83

Dec 9, 2013
Accompanying Milk’s latest exhibit, Madonna NYC 83 – Photographs by Richard Corman, is a…
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Art Basel

Art Basel: Our Friends Are Friends With You

Dec 6, 2013
“Our practice is mostly about giving people something in their life that is an impactful experience, that is a memorable interaction and something that transcends people. We want to make these…
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Art Basel

Art Basel: Love Focused Like A Laser

Dec 5, 2013
Last night, the pool inside the garden of Miami’s The Shore Club was transformed into a glowing stage for artist Matthew Stone’s enigmatic performance piece *Love Focused Like A Laser…
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Milk Made Exclusive

The Unscripted Inspiration of Richard Corman

Dec 4, 2013
This Saturday, photographer Richard Corman will sign copies of his new photography book Madonna NYC 83 in Milk Gallery’s Madonna NYC83 exhibition. Both…
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